Will I be charged duties and taxes?

Orders shipped to countries outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes and customs duties levied by the destination country. Duties and taxes are different in every country and many factors play a role in determining if they need to be paid. Most foreign customers are not charged when they receive the shipment, however, any additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by the recipient.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country and we recommend contacting your local customs office for further information whenever you place an international order. If you are required to pay an additional fee, the carrier typically will request payment at the time of delivery. 
If you refuse the shipment because of these charges, or if the order is returned because the local post is unable to locate your address, we can refund you for the cost of the products (which does not include any shipping or return shipping fees) once the package is returned and processed by our warehouse. 
NOTE: Packages returned by customs can sometimes take a very long time to return, and in extreme circumstances can take anywhere from six months to a year.

Why am I being charged import taxes and customs duties?

Following the laws governing the members of the European Union (EU), orders shipped to countries within the EU are subject to charge import taxes and customs duties, and in some countries value-added tax (referred to as VAT). These rates are charged in compliance with the local legislation of each EU member state. 

Gymreapers will not charge you a VAT rate at checkout, however, the VAT rate will be assessed for the package in the destination country of your order. This rate is not set or administered by Gymreapers, however, it will be your responsibility to handle it upon delivery. 

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